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July 31, 2018

River Fun minutes from San Antonio

It's the end of July and it's HOT so we have been trying to figure out new ways to stay cool this summer. Our kids are at such a fun age where they want to explore, play, and be outside so we decided to be adventurous and try something new. This week we took them to the Guadalupe River State Park for the first time and they loved it!guadalupe river state park

When we first arrived at the state park gates and paid our entry fee ($7 per adult, 12 and under free) the park ranger warned us that the river was low. A little bummed, we drove our way to the back of the park where the river is located and parked in an almost empty parking lot. Note that it was late morning on a Monday. We grabbed our folding chairs, an ice chest of snacks, and the kids floaties and walked down the stairs to the river. 

guadalupe river state park map


The water was slowly running threw, not stagnate, and it was a perfect depth for the kids. Only about 3ft at the deepest. We set up shop under a large tree and the water was surprisingly cool in the shade. The kids chased minnows, threw rocks, and explored for hours. 

brought our pup Bonnie

The park became more crowded as we were leaving, all the shaded spots along the water became full and people were bringing tents to set up along the river. There is 4 miles of river front at the park so plenty of room to spread out and not be on top of another groups spot.

Lots of places to set up shop, but bring a tent for shade!

It was a great first visit for our kids! For our next visit I will be sure to pick up some nets for fishing, a tub for playing, and more snacks. The park has a food truck set up in the parking lot but it was not open during our visit. (Maybe just a weekend thing?)

All-in-all an AWESOME way to spend your Monday.

beautiful bluff to look at while sitting in the river

July 29, 2018

Visiting Historic Market Square in San Antonio

Market Plaza San Antonio Farmers MarketpHistoric Market Square San Antonio

Historic Market Square in Downtown San Antonio is known as the biggest Mexican Market in the United States and a well known destination for residents and tourist alike. 

Market Square is an outdoor 3 block plaza full of shops, booths, entertainment and restaurants full of Old Mexico culture. Two well known and popular restaurants in San Antonio line Market Square Plaza, Mi Tierra and La Margarita. Be warned though if going on the weekends and want to eat at one of these restaurants it is best to check in early and plan accordingly as wait times can sometimes be up to 2 hours for a table.

There are also indoor markets to browse that have concessions where can find entertainment or a seat. You can find pretty much anything with over 100 booths and shops from clothes, decor, pottery, art, toys, jewelry along with beer, margaritas and other food and beverages for all ages. 

While we were there we found some festive dancers on the indoor stage while walking the ‘Farmers Marker’...booths and music outdoors along with a few street performers of viarity. My kids got their face painted while walking outside in the plaza before eating at Mi Tierra.

I wouldn’t make Market Square an all day event as it is limited but definitly would set aside a couple hours to check it out if visiting from out of town or have never been. It is truly one of a kind. 

Market Square is generally open between 10AM and 6PM but is no stranger to events or festivals so check online before visiting. You can usually find parking near by without a problem at one of the pay to park lots if parking lot is full.


July 28, 2018

Sauced Wing Bar in Boerne

Went to grab lunch with a buddy at Sauced Wing Bar in Boerne on Saturday. First time visiting this place, heard good things about the food and wanted to try it out.

It is located at 215 W Bandera Rd, Boerne, TX  78006 in the strip center not far off Main. It is the end cap on the strip center so it has a nice covered patio for outdoor seating with fans and lots of tables. Inside has a small corner bar with handful of draft beers and few wines along with the hard stuff if wanting a cocktail, full bar. Tons of good sized TVs inside along all the walls ideal for catching a ball game with plenty of tables for busy days (some TVs outside as well). 

Wings were good, definitely worth a try if you are a wing fan but it’s no Hooters. For sure best wings going to get in the area without heading back into San Antonio inside Loop 1604 and a solid place to catch a ball game. I’ll be back for sure to for the wings again and try some other items on the menu (have a full menu, not just wings) . Overall a good place for casual dining or a cold brewskie..especially if a sports game is on wanting to watch and in the Boerne area. 

Wouldn’t clasify it as sports bar but solid option for any game viewing and bonus points for a good menu or to bring the kids along as it appears very family friendly during afternoon hours. 

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Few pictures of Sauced Wing Bar from my visit for lunch: 

Sauced Wing Bar Boerne TX

July 17, 2018

Boerne Lake Swimming

Took some time early Sunday evening to enjoy Boerne Lake with the family for a quick swim to cool off on the summer heat and pizza picnic dinner. 

We grabbed a quick pizza from local Boerne pizzeria Z's pizza around 7PM and headed for Boerne lake. We arrived with a good amount of people still enjoying the lake from the day but not too many that we couldn’t find a spot with a picnic table for myself, wife, two kids and our Border Collie puppy we were able to get a parking spot right up front. If you have ever been to Boerne Lake you know there is plenty of shade to be had under all the big trees along the lake.

We found a nice spot where the kids could put their feet in and swim where it was still shallow enough that they could stand up when wanted to. The water was nice and cool!

If ever looking for something to do outdoors in North San Antonio or Boerne Area definitely recommend checking out Boerne Lake and it’s just a few minutes off IH-10. Right now the park is open from 5AM to 10PM most days.

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Boerne Lake Swimming with Family

July 17, 2018

Kitchen Island lighting and faucets for your San Antonio Home

San Antonio homes are more up to date than ever before, following some of the modern west coast trends. One of my favorite is incorporating brass/gold into the light fixtures and plumbing. It can be tricky bringing them into a kitchen without them feeling to "fancy." This kitchen design is for a family so it is important that it is functional, warm, inviting, and classic. Here are some BEAUTIFUL fixtures I am swooning over founded at the Ferguson showroom in San Antonio. 

Kitchen concept board

The great thing about using gold/brass in you house is that it doesn't have to be everywhere. Just a splash here and there. Mixing metals is easy now because really anything goes. 

July 16, 2018

Trends no longer Trending in San Antonio Homes

We have all had that feeling when you walk into a home or space and it feels fresh, airy, interesting and inviting.Most San Antonio Area houses start out that way. They were built with "on trend" designs, but over time those trends have changed and the San Antonio house stayed the same.

By removing some out-dated styles your San Antonio Area house can be transformed into a fresh, new, welcoming, living space.

No Longer Trending: Heavy wood, beige & golden tones throughoutUpdate a dark kitchen & dining room with soft colors

This trend in the 90's and 2000's created a warm space but now feels outdated, drab, and heavy. By updating the color pallet and bringing in whites, creams, greys, & "greiges" (beige & gray mixed together, creating warmth in a cool tone) It brings ease and calmness to the eye.

updated kitchen with light and bright white.

No Longer Trending: Faux plants

Faux plants collect  unwanted dust and fade

We have seen it hundreds of times, fake ivy stuffed above kitchen countertops and on selves. Yes they might add some color but they also add dust and fade quickly. Instead, opt for simple fresh flowers and succulents.

No Longer Trending: Curly, iron art on walls and furniture

This style is a nod to the mediterranean, tuscan, and old world style homes. Though they are beautiful, the heavy art can be overwhelming to the eye and distract from the simple architecture of the space.

No Longer Trending: Matching all the metals in the house

San Antonio Homes use to be build with carrying out the same lighting and plumbing fixtures throughout the house. Matching chandeliers with pendants and sconces to create a cohesive look. Now we are changing things up and creating more interest with light fixtures and faucets. Mixing metals is a new trend that is sure to last. 

No Longer Trending: Closed off cabinets and shelving

Floating kitchen shelves

In the kitchen there is a lot we have to store as San Antonio Home Owners, but why must it all be hidden? Want that fresh airy vibe, create some open shelving. Choose an area to open up with floating shelves. It makes your kitchen look larger and adds character and interest to the design. 

No Longer Treading: Drapery

Yes, you might have spend $$$ on them but it's time to let those thick tasseled custom drapes go. Drapes close the room off of natural light and attract dust. You can still use window coverings to help with unwanted sunlight or to frame a window but keeping it simple is the key. Shutters, wood blinds, or a curtain rod are great options to keep the room looking clean, crisp, and airy.


San Antonio Area housing rends are always changing and evolving. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep up, but simple changes can add new life to your space and more return on your investment. San Antonio homes are in high demand and leaving a positive impact on a buy is important. 


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