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April 4, 2019

San Antonio Commanders Game at Alamodome

This year went to two home games for the San Antonio Commanders at the Alamodome. First game of the season I went with about 10 friends and we did the entire drill with tailgating and all for the first inaugural game in San Antonio for the AAF league. The 2nd game I went with my son and dad for an afternoon game. 

Both times were great fun. The atmosphere was enthusiastic and engaging for the home San Antonio team in red. The first game went to didn’t have any trouble parking because got there early to tailgate so had a good spot upfront but you could tell the parking lot was full as got closer to kick off. The 2nd game got there just before kickoff and no where to park so parked down the street and had to walk which isn’t unusual for big events at the Alamodome so I would reccomed planning accordingly as cupacity at the Alamodome far exceeds the parking spaces...not sure who planned that but they dropped the ball for sure even as a kid growing up I wondered why on that one, guess maybe they intended for people to walk from downtown / river walk. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Both games were good to watch and we stayed for the entire games, good football. The one my son went to was his first game of such so he found it exciting as can imagine. Both games had strong crowd presence of nearly 30,000 people which sounded loud. Often the roar of the crowd on big plays made it sound like it was full!

The first game at the Alamodome the lines were longer than I have ever seen at the dome, this is probably because didn’t expect such a strong turnout from San Antonio for the first football game, that was really the only down side but there were the foot vendors going around with their tubs so it was managable. The next game was better.

I was planning to attend this Saturday for their last home game in San Antonio with my son again but the league announced it was suspending further activities which is unfortunate. It’s a shame especially for San Antonio who got behind the team so well and quickly but hopefully opens the door for future opportunities as we certainly were ready well above and beyond the other cities in the league. If they start playing again I will certainly be there and reccomemd checking out even if not huge football fan as it was a good time and atmosphere. 

Couple pics from the games:

San Antonio Commanders home game at Alamodome  Alamodome San Antonio Commanders football home game field

San Antonio Commanders Football Field Alamodome 2019



Jan. 22, 2019

Tony Parker back in San Antonio for Spurs Game

Tony Parker made his return to San Antonio for Spurs game but this time in a different jersey on the other team. Never thought I would see any of the big three playing against the Spurs in a NBA game but it happened. 

The organization put on a great tribute video for Tony "Merci Tony" before the game that followed a loud round of applause including is safe to say no body in San Antonio wanted to see Tony Parker leave and is still a fan favorite for ever. Crazy to think about all the years Tony played for us (pretty much my entire adult life) and the video did a great job of running through the time stamps that so many Spurs fans can remember and cherish. 

Tony played some good minutes always followed by cheers when touched the ball and in the closing moments of the game when the outcome was out of reach he came back in for one more standing ovation from the Spurs fans!

One day TP's Spurs jersey will be hanging from the rafters here. 

Tony Parker return to San Antonio vs Spurs tony parker playing against san antonio spurs San Antonio spurs game vs Tony Parker Bobcats

San Antonio Spurs vs Bobcats January 2019 - Tony Parker's first game back vs the Spurs. 

Jan. 22, 2019

Monster Jam San Antonio Monster Truck Rally

Once the commercials started coming on TV for Monster Jam in San Antonio there was no turning back for my 3.5 year old son. We got tickets for the Sunday afternoon show at the Alamodome in San Antonio, they had two options this year Saturday night or Sunday afternoon for Monster Jam 2019. Despite my wife's protest it turned into a full family event with her and my daughter included. 

This was my first Monster Jam or Monster Truck Rally...a first for all of us. I got tickets mid level which were around $40 each plus ticketing fees through ticket master. The seats were good, the trucks are so big all seats probably provided a decent view but I was happy with our spot plus they have the jumbo screens on for the Monster Jam. I have to admit the Monster trucks were pretty cool! They did three events: 1) The Race 2) Two Wheel Competition 3) Freestyle.

I found it all entertaining and my kids did too, you know how hard it is to keep the attention of a 3 and 5 year old but Monster Jam was up for the challenge. With Monster Trucks flying through the air, racing across the track and doing one of a kind tricks every one was engaged. It was amazing the things the trucks were doing for their size. Both kids loved it, cotton candy was $20 a pop which is a bit ridiculous but was in good spirit and had to be on the list once they saw the cool shark mask that came along with it. 

The Alamodome in San Antonio seemed like a great venue for the event given the size and ability to utilize the space. It was a good size crowd for the event from people of all age groups, parking was tight like for most events at the Alamodome but manageable (want to plan to get there early so don't miss the start while trying to park and walk in) Monster Jam ran for around 2.5 hours with a brief intermission after the 2nd of 3 events. 

One thing I would note about Monster Jam is the noise and sound is very loud, even for me so if have young children you will probably want to bring along ear plugs or ear muffs to block the sound. Their is a slight smell some people mention but I didn't find it to be too bad or that noticeable. More so just the sound. 

Overall the San Antonio Monster Trucks did not disappoint. My son is still talking about it, mostly the "back flips" so I'm sure we will be doing it again as I will have no protest for going again next year and pretty sure my wife enjoyed it too, at least some what lol. 

Monster Jam San Antonio Monster Truck Rally  Monster Trucks at Alamodome San Antonio  Monster Jam San Antonio Alamodome

2019 Monster Jam - San Antonio, TX

Jan. 22, 2019

New Years Eve Fireworks at Tower of Americas and Grand Hyatt San Antonio

WoW...this past New Years Eve we stayed downtown at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio and upgraded to a view of the Tower of Americas - it was well worth it. The view of the fireworks was fantastic, San Antonio put on a good show and we had a front row seat. Definitely recommend if considering or looking for something different / cool to do in the San Antonio area for New Years one year, the fireworks went on for a solid 10-15 minutes plus you had a panoramic view of the entire city of San Antonio and could see fireworks going off for miles across the city for about an hour, very cool! 

If not familiar with San Antonio they put on an event downtown near Hemisfair Park, The Tower of Americas, Riverwalk and La Villita. There is music, food and all kinds of festivities as every one awaits the New Years Eve count down which is dropped from the top of the Tower of Americas followed by a fireworks show. If you live in the San Antonio area you have probably seen Randy Beamer and the WOAI news team (News 4 San Antonio) broadcast from there, this is the spot see on TV. There are plenty of great spots or restaurants to have a nice dinner or grab drinks before. 

We went down to the festivities for a bit around 9:30PM to walk and get a feel for the holiday vibe, grabbed a chicken on the stick. We also rode some of those downtown scooters that you see every where now and it was pretty fun actually zipping around. We left around 10:30PM as the crowd started to pick up, it definitely gets busier as the New Years Eve count down gets closer and fireworks near but wasn't too bad while we were there but got out before too hectic as could feel it growing plus wanted to see the fire works from our private window view at the Grand Hyatt. 

On way back we went down to the Riverwalk for a bit to check it out since it was right there. Overall a great experience would do again...the fireworks and view were absolutely fantastic!! It was a great set up since could get a little experience with the downtown festivities going on for New Years but not have to deal with the huge crowd for the actual count down and fireworks while enjoying it from our room since it was just a short walk / scooter ride away. Two thumbs up score!

New Years Eve Fireworks Downtown San Antonio Grand Hyatt Tower of Americas New Year Fireworks La Villita Grand Hyatt Fireworks View for New Years Eve San Antonio

Downtown San Antonio Fireworks Photos and Pictures New Years Festival Downtown San Antonio TX Riverwalk New Years eve countdown party Gran Hyatt Downtown San Antonio

This was for New Years 2018 - 2019. 

Jan. 21, 2019

Downtown San Antonio Riverwalk Christmas Lights

The Riverwalk lights in Downtown San Antonio are a one of a kind sight worth exploring during the holidays. The Riverwalk is lined with Christmas lights all around giving a great opportunity to walk the banks or enjoy a boat ride. As you probably know the Riverwalk is lined with all kinds of restaurants, bars and entertainment...the Christmas lights are just an added touch to make it extra special. Can make a detour before or after grab a nice dinner, cocktails, catch a show, game at the Alamodome, event at the convention center, visiting the Tower of Americas or historic Alamo or just go to enjoy a nice walk. 

If you are in the San Antonio area during the Holidays even if not staying downtown it is well worth it to schedule some time to visit downtown and the Riverwalk. The lights stay up through New Years week so plenty of time through the holidays if want to make an event about it. 

Downtown San Antonio Riverwalk Christmas Lights Christmas Lights at the Riverwalk San Antonio Holiday Lights on Riverwalk San Antonio Downtown

Not the best quality but here are a few pictures and photos of the lights up at Riverwalk from my iphone to give an idea. 

Jan. 19, 2019

Fiesta Texas Holiday In The Park Christmas Time San Antonio

Just before Christmas this year we took the kids to Holiday In The Park at Fiesta Texas San Antonio. Over all it was great, I actually thought it was one of the highlights of the holiday seasons for us...very pleasantly surprised with it and kids loved it. During the holiday season the park is only open Friday - Sunday during select hours later than usual. We went on a Friday from late afternoon around 5PM (parked right up front almost) until around 9PM, since it was Friday the crowd wasn't too bad at all but I'm sure it is much busier on the actual weekend days. 

We got there as the sun was coming down so not all the lights were on yet but it was a very nice set up they had and once it got dark the Christmas lights showed very well. Most the rides were open that the kids could enjoy as usual. The train around the park was probably one of the busier attractions this time of year and the ride was nice as well through the park. While there we walked the entire park since it wasn't too hectic and had no issues with crowds or getting around which we rarely do with our little ones. The main Christmas tree was a good scene full of lights and had some show activity going on around it as well people gathered for. 

There was also a giant ornament right in front can take a photo with the family. Also, I was surprised they had a nice santa available to take photos with that the kids enjoyed plus it was right next to the buffalo salon where the wife and I could grab a Dos XX. The park definitely got busier as the night went on as I'm sure most people come for the lights after dark but over all a really good experience and will be back on the list next year as well for Christmas time in San Antonio.

Fiesta Texas Holiday in the Park Family Photo Holiday in the Park San Antonio Fiesta Texas Family Fun Six Flag Fiesta Texas San Antonio Holiday In The Park Photo with Santa at Fiesta Texas Holiday In The Park

Six Flags Fiesta Texas San Antonio is located in North San Antonio just outside of Loop 1604 off of IH-10 near La Cantera Mall and the Rim Shopping Center close to UTSA.


Jan. 19, 2019

Dickens On Main Boerne Family Fun

This year took the family to Dickens on Main in Boerne, TX...if not familiar with Dickens on Main in Boerne it is a two night celebration to kick off the Christmas and Holiday Season after Thanksgiving where Main Street is closed off and filled with all kinds of enjoyment. You can find things all across the board, from:

  • Christmas lights
  • Food Vendors
  • Beer and Wine
  • Christmas Carols
  • Petting Zoo
  • Pony Rides
  • Snow Machines
  • Christmas Tree
  • Theatre Shows
  • Old Fashion Horse and Carriage Rides
  • Local Restaurants
  • Music
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Shopping, lots of shopping

Overall it is a great opportunity to support the local Boerne Community while getting in the Christmas spirit and shop local! There is enough to do and see to keep busy for hours, including plenty of Kid activities. One thing I would mention is parking that you need to plan for...there isn't any really set parking it is mostly first come first go along the near by streets close to main street all around. Unless you get there early I would plan for a bit of a hike from where you might have to park so plan accordingly with a wagon or stroller if have small children. Once there on main street the roads are blocked off so space isn't too big of an issue to get around and enjoy even as the crowd starts to grow bigger and bigger into the night. 

Dickens on Main Pony Ride in Boerne Dickens on Main Petting Zoo Boerne TX Dickens on Main Christmas Event Boerne Texas Christmas Lights on Main Street For Boerne Dickens on Main Dickens on Main Festival Christmas San Antonio

Boerne is just outside of San Antonio up IH-10.

Dickens on Main Christmas Tree


Jan. 5, 2019

San Antonio Rock N Roll Marathon At Hemisfair Park

This November (2018) my wife ran in the San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon. The race for both the half and full marathon ended right at HemisFair Park. My kids and I posted up in the park while we waited for my wife to round the final corner before running up to the fence for a round of high fives. 

If you have never been to HemisFair Park in down town San Antonio it is definitely something should check out. It has plenty to keeps the kids busy especially on a nice day outside. Including, jungle gym type set ups, neat swings, play houses, open yard, chicken coop, giant checker boards and much more...not to mention right in the heart of down town San Antonio. 

There are also restaurants and coffee shops right by. The Tower or Americas, River Walk and Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and more popular spots are all just a short walk away or scooter ride away now a days. 

Check out some of the photos from our late morning in HemisFair Park where you can see some of the set up. Also not pictured since it was out of season is the splash pad area they have which we have been to before in the summer and kids also loved that. 

After the race the Rock N Roll event had a great set up over at La Vallita square with band, booths, drinks etc where every one was having a great time after the race socializing. La Villita is also just a quick walk across the street from HemisFair Park where you can find lots of authentic Shops, Dining and Art true to San Antonio culture. That is the picture with the Tower of Americas in the background. 

Chicken Coop at HemisFair Park Rock N Roll Marathon at HemisFair Park San Antonio  Playground At San Antonio HemisFair Park  Swings at HemisFair Park San Antonio Downtown  

Kids Games HemisFair Park Downtown San Antonio


July 31, 2018

River Fun minutes from San Antonio

It's the end of July and it's HOT so we have been trying to figure out new ways to stay cool this summer. Our kids are at such a fun age where they want to explore, play, and be outside so we decided to be adventurous and try something new. This week we took them to the Guadalupe River State Park for the first time and they loved it!guadalupe river state park

When we first arrived at the state park gates and paid our entry fee ($7 per adult, 12 and under free) the park ranger warned us that the river was low. A little bummed, we drove our way to the back of the park where the river is located and parked in an almost empty parking lot. Note that it was late morning on a Monday. We grabbed our folding chairs, an ice chest of snacks, and the kids floaties and walked down the stairs to the river. 

guadalupe river state park map


The water was slowly running threw, not stagnate, and it was a perfect depth for the kids. Only about 3ft at the deepest. We set up shop under a large tree and the water was surprisingly cool in the shade. The kids chased minnows, threw rocks, and explored for hours. 

brought our pup Bonnie

The park became more crowded as we were leaving, all the shaded spots along the water became full and people were bringing tents to set up along the river. There is 4 miles of river front at the park so plenty of room to spread out and not be on top of another groups spot.

Lots of places to set up shop, but bring a tent for shade!

It was a great first visit for our kids! For our next visit I will be sure to pick up some nets for fishing, a tub for playing, and more snacks. The park has a food truck set up in the parking lot but it was not open during our visit. (Maybe just a weekend thing?)

All-in-all an AWESOME way to spend your Monday.

beautiful bluff to look at while sitting in the river

July 29, 2018

Visiting Historic Market Square in San Antonio

Market Plaza San Antonio Farmers MarketpHistoric Market Square San Antonio

Historic Market Square in Downtown San Antonio is known as the biggest Mexican Market in the United States and a well known destination for residents and tourist alike. 

Market Square is an outdoor 3 block plaza full of shops, booths, entertainment and restaurants full of Old Mexico culture. Two well known and popular restaurants in San Antonio line Market Square Plaza, Mi Tierra and La Margarita. Be warned though if going on the weekends and want to eat at one of these restaurants it is best to check in early and plan accordingly as wait times can sometimes be up to 2 hours for a table.

There are also indoor markets to browse that have concessions where can find entertainment or a seat. You can find pretty much anything with over 100 booths and shops from clothes, decor, pottery, art, toys, jewelry along with beer, margaritas and other food and beverages for all ages. 

While we were there we found some festive dancers on the indoor stage while walking the ‘Farmers Marker’...booths and music outdoors along with a few street performers of viarity. My kids got their face painted while walking outside in the plaza before eating at Mi Tierra.

I wouldn’t make Market Square an all day event as it is limited but definitly would set aside a couple hours to check it out if visiting from out of town or have never been. It is truly one of a kind. 

Market Square is generally open between 10AM and 6PM but is no stranger to events or festivals so check online before visiting. You can usually find parking near by without a problem at one of the pay to park lots if parking lot is full.