It's the end of July and it's HOT so we have been trying to figure out new ways to stay cool this summer. Our kids are at such a fun age where they want to explore, play, and be outside so we decided to be adventurous and try something new. This week we took them to the Guadalupe River State Park for the first time and they loved it!guadalupe river state park

When we first arrived at the state park gates and paid our entry fee ($7 per adult, 12 and under free) the park ranger warned us that the river was low. A little bummed, we drove our way to the back of the park where the river is located and parked in an almost empty parking lot. Note that it was late morning on a Monday. We grabbed our folding chairs, an ice chest of snacks, and the kids floaties and walked down the stairs to the river. 

guadalupe river state park map


The water was slowly running threw, not stagnate, and it was a perfect depth for the kids. Only about 3ft at the deepest. We set up shop under a large tree and the water was surprisingly cool in the shade. The kids chased minnows, threw rocks, and explored for hours. 

brought our pup Bonnie

The park became more crowded as we were leaving, all the shaded spots along the water became full and people were bringing tents to set up along the river. There is 4 miles of river front at the park so plenty of room to spread out and not be on top of another groups spot.

Lots of places to set up shop, but bring a tent for shade!

It was a great first visit for our kids! For our next visit I will be sure to pick up some nets for fishing, a tub for playing, and more snacks. The park has a food truck set up in the parking lot but it was not open during our visit. (Maybe just a weekend thing?)

All-in-all an AWESOME way to spend your Monday.

beautiful bluff to look at while sitting in the river