What is important in a home inspection when buying a home?

San Antonio Home Buyer Q&A:


San Antonio Home Buying Q&A:

What is important in a home inspection?

First off, everything is important in a home inspection. It's your investment, asset and future home so you want to have as much information and details on the home as possible...but not all issues that come up in the home inspection are deal breakers!

There are 3 main areas of focus to concentrate on:

1. Structural

2. Safety

3. Value

A home inspection report will be pages and pages long with a lot of different issues the home inspector comes across, not all equally important but it is good to be aware of them...no home will ever be 100% perfect. When evaluating the home inspection report it helps to emphasis any issues found in these 3 categories.

Once we narrow down what is important and what must be taken care of to move forward we have the opportunity to negotiate any repairs, price reductions or seller concessions during the option period...this is time sensitive.

When you work with our team when buying a San Antonio area home we will assure we address the home inspection and its importance. Let us know if you have any questions, thanks! 


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