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Home Buyer Q&A: What is a property survey? Who pays? 

A survey is a geographical description of the boundary of a particular piece of property done by a licensed professional in the state of Texas. It gives the dimensions and the lot size of your San Antonio property while providing a tangible representation of the property.

A survey will be required by your San Antonio, TX title company before they can issue title insurance to assure everything is in alignment. It is also important to have so you know where your easements are located along with your property line in conjunction with your neighbors.

A survey will display your property line, easements along with your homes placement on the lot and any other permanent structures such as a swimming pool, concrete slab or driveway. In a nutshell, a survey is basically your detailed map for the property.

A San Antonio survey cost will depend 100% on the size of lot and the type of property but for a standard residential home in a lot neighborhood under a 1/4 acre the expected average cost should be in the range of $400. Alot of times a seller will have an existing survey on the property so a new one is not required as long as there has not been any changes to the property or permanent structures added.

When an existing survey is not included who gets charged for a new survey is completely negotiable between the buyer and seller and is reflected in the sales contract accordingly...so be sure to factor this in when determining your offer price and terms because it can effect your closing cost. And be sure to hold on to your survey after closing as it could save you money down the road when it comes time to sell.

During your San Antonio home buying process as our client our team will assure the coordination of your survey is completed as needed - according to necessary standards along with always negotiating the best terms we can for you as our client.

As always we are here to help however we can with your San Antonio real estate needs so please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you would like to see any homes. Thanks, talk to you soon!


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