How soon should I start looking at homes when buying a home in San Antonio?

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How soon should I start looking at homes?

Great question! is never to early to start getting market research on the areas and type of home you might be looking for. It is wise to start looking online for an idea of price point and availability. Register on or LOCAL website with your specific criteria and location to get daily updates.

A good time frame to start looking and previewing homes in person is 6-8 weeks out from the day you want to be closed and moved into your new home. This will give us sufficient time to preview homes along with enough time to complete the transaction process which is typically 30-45 days and some times even up to 60...this will allow 2-4 weeks of viewing homes in person while allowing enough time for an option period for full home inspection need be along with other time sensitive issues.

Give us a call, text or email anytime to set up your specific and custom criteria or schedule a viewing on any home. Thanks

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